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Got to see Batman Begins last night, really good film.

To start the new DC Comics logo that I talk about in my print article was there, I wasn't sure what I was seeing at first and I'm still not sure what some of it was supposed to represent, like the eye of a female. It wasn't wowing at all.

Batman BeginsNow is the film worth seeing? Yes! The movie stars off in modern times where Bruce Wayne is traveling to get to know himself, then it flashes back to his childhood and life with his parents. The flashbacks in this film make sense as to when they happen, but are not well done. It's almost like they shot the film as it being sequential and changed their mind to flashbacks in editing.

The film is true to Bob Kane’s original concept while adding enough modern elements like the new Batmobile and the enemy’s weapon. The setting of Gotham was dark with some bright spots, so not as gloomy as Tim Burtons take.
There is a little boy in a red shirt in the film, who spots Batman skulking around, then is saved by Batman and Katie Holmes, I have to wonder if this is supposed to be a future sidekick of his.

Michael Caine is great as Alfred, the ultimate butler and Morgan Freeman is great as Bruce’s ally at Wayne Industries. I understand that Warner Bros. brought these two and Liam Neeson in too help Christian Bale, as he’s not considered a strong performer.

The film ends with a nice tip towards a sequel and talk is already in place as to who might play the villain. Robin Williams, Mark Hamill and Adam Sandler are being mentioned.

***** Five Stars *****

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