Canadian joins the World War

Canadian Justin Chatwin is starting to garner some attention from the media. The 22year-old Nanaimo, BC native Stars as Robbie Ferrier, son of Tom Cruise's character and older brother to Dakota Fanning's character. A pretty good role for someone from Vancouver Island who has only been in the business for four years.
Jacqui Kaese, teacher of Nanaimo's Spotlight Acadamy, remembers him well. Chatwin was one of Kaese's first students. He's had roles in Smallville, Taken, and The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie but never anything that prepared him for working with a mega star actor like Tom Cruise or Director Steven Spielberg and the media attention paid to these two men was overwhelming. Chatwin told Toronto's Metro newspaper, "For all of the great things that come with being involved with this amazing industry and process, there's always the down," he says. "As far as being an actor as big as Tom Cruise, he handles it pretty well considering how much pressure's on him. I don't know if I'd want that because I really love my freedom and my family and my friends."

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