Nightcrawler and Batman

X-Men 3 logoNightcrawler, x-men 2, alan cummingsBamf! And Nightcrawler is gone.
News from Alan Cummings personal website that he will not be appearing in X-Men 3, Fox is not picking up his option. Cummings my be relived after the adruous make-up process on X-Men 2.
The question is, is there no Nightcrawler in this film or are they recasting the role? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Batman beging logoBatman Begins a new francize. The film did so well there is nearly no dout that will will see a second film. Warner Bros wanted two successful films from both Batman and Superman before entertaining the idea of a Batman vs. Superman film but don't be suprised if the second film of both lead twords a clash of the titans.

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