Spin off a third X-Men

X-Men 3 wolverine clawsAs X-Men 3 is a month from production start and Simon Kinberg and Zak Penn polish the script word comes down that Penn has also polished a two year deal with 20th Century FOX. Penn's writing credits include Inspector Gadget, X2: X-Men United, Elektra and Spy Hunter. The deal alows Penn to present projects to FOX over the term of the contract and if approved write/direct/produce them, making him what they call in the biz, a double slash (/).
Penn is expected to produce at least one film that could be a spin-off of the X-Men series. There are already two such films in the works, Wolverine will lens almost as soon as X3 wraps, and a film looking at the young life of villan Magneto.

There is news that Lost star Maggie Grace is out of the role as the X-Men's girl who can walk through walls. Reports are that the role of Kitty Pride is being recast.

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