Wolverine vs. Superman

Wolverine - Hugh JackmanHugh Jackman has set up a new production company at FOX, with partner John Palermo. The first look deal for FOX will start with Wolverine writen by David Benioff, who wrote the soon to be filming X-Men 3. A first draft on Wolverine is due to be in Jackman's hands shortly. Filming could start shortly after X-Men 3 wraps and put the film in theaters in late 2006 or early 2007. On the subject of X-men 3 Jackman says, "It got to be a roller-coaster ride there, but I wasn't worried because the script is so strong... Brett (Ratner) has come in with a lot of enthusiasm and full understanding of the franchise."

Superman logoFrom Austrailia, James Marsden is taking a break in his shooting of Superman Returns, and commented on the up-comming X-Men 3. "Sure, it's getting down to the wire. It's getting close. We've got to make this movie. But we've done two before and there's a comfort zone in there that we all feel like we've done it and we can do it again. Matthew Vaughn fell out for personal reasons or family reasons. Brett Ratner is directing and he's a very competent director and I think we'll be fine." Marsden still doesn't know what part he'll play if any.

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