Want to be an X-Men?

x-men 3 wolverine

A background performers 'casting call', placed July 21 in the Victoria Times Colonist newspaper is looking for background performers for X-Men 3.

According to the item, the X-Men 3 go-see is scheduled for Sunday July 24th 2005, 11am-2pm, at The Vacation Inn (Formerly the Tally-Ho), 3020 Douglas Street, across from Mayfair Mall.

According to the ad :

BACKGROUND PERFORMERS/EXTRAS NEEDED, Ages 7-99 yrs. We would like to see really interesting looking kids and adults of all ethnicities. Also twins, triplets, quads, albino, really big or tall, really short or small, ugly and strange looking. FILMING IN VICTORIA AREA. Approx. AUGUST 8th to AUGUST 27th, 2005. Must be accompanied by an adult if under 15yrs old.

Hollywood North. com says that, according to film actors union ACTRA, 'preference of engagement' for background performers working on union signatory film productions goes to blue-vouchered ACTRA Members first tier, pink-vouchered 'Apprentices' second tier (when there are no Members 'available'), white-vouchered ACTRA 'Extras' third tier and non-union 'cash extras' fourth tier.

According to some agreements, producers are obligated to hire a set number of ACTRA Members per shooting day.

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