What is said isnt always the Truth.

The latest rumor, yes rumor, has Venus and Serena Williams competing for a role in X-Men 3. What would interest two Super-Stars of the sports world to apply for a Super-Hero role? Serena used to date Director Brett Ratner, so the tabloid speculation is that one of the sisters is up for the role of Ratner’s Mutant Hooker.

Yes the Williams sisters have sex appeal and yes Ratner is familiar with them and their performance ability, but please, neither have any acting talent. Sure Serena has made some attempts, but I can’t think that playing a bi-sexual seducer, is going to move either of them into respected actor status.


The other rumor running the net of late has Nick Stahl playing the role of Angel. Stahl was recent seen in Frank Millar’s Sin City.

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