What is shooting in Victoria?

My friend Mike asked me the other day at coffee if I knew anything about a soap opera called Mile Zero. I didn’t then, but I am finding out more about it. It seems they shot scenes this past weekend around Victoria for the pilot episode, and they’ll be shooting again this weekend. Paul Wu is involved in the production and is know for his acting, but more so for stunt work on films like I, Robot, The Last Samurai and three years ago on X2.

Brightlight Productions is no stranger to Vancouver Island, the company shot six MOWs (Movie of the Week) last year for CHUM. They're currently up in Beecher Bay creating a medieval village for their $60Million Dungeon Siege picture staring Matthew Lillard and John Rhys-Davies (I wonder if he's playing the Dwarf?).

Bamfield is the site of anouther production, this time its Nicolas Cage's The Wicker Man.

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