X-Cast update

shadowcat kitty pryde x-men 3
is reporting that actress Ellen Page, from TV's ReGenesis, will be playing the role of Kitty Pryde aka Shadowcat in the upcoming movie. The role opened up when Maggie Grace of ABC’s Lost dropped out from the cast for no appearent reason. It seems strange that Ratner's team would hire a 15 year-old for the role, when it was stated that Maggie Grace and not 20 year old Katie Stuart, Kitty in , would be playing a more developed role.
Daniel Cudmore will portray Colossus as he did in . Cudmor's return is important as the comic series explored a relationship between the Russian that turned to steel and the Jewish girl that could walk through walls.

There is also word that the film crews shooting of and on Alcatraz Island in San Fancisco Bay is for an upcoming trailer for the movie.

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