X-men and The Engagement Ring

x-men 3
The SuperheroHype web site got its hands on some set photos for X-Men 3. It seems a second unit of about 20, was hired on Sunday, July 24, to take some shots of Alcatraz from the San Francisco side. As you can see in the pictures they are using a jib arm.

From what I've heard Sunday’s casting call at the Vacation Inn on Douglas St. went really well, with over 500 people showing up. Everyone was friendly and polite so the casting agents got a good view of Victoria. If you were there please fire me a quick email or leave a comment.

X-Men 3In case you were not aware X-Men 3 is not the only film being prepped to shoot in Victoria. Patricia Heaton will be in town shooting a made for TV movie, The Engagement Ring. From a script original called ECHOES, the story follows the daughter of a woman and the nephew of a man who were childhood sweethearts involved in a lost engagement ring. The younger couple discovers their relationship obstructed by the old feud. Patricia Heaton plays the daughter, but none of the rest of the cast is announced. Filming is set to begin early August.

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