Bright Talk

In trying to get some more information about 's role in film. I managed to contact Cameron's mom, Anne Bright. She was able to confirm that Cameron is playing Leech, a member of the Morlocks. Due to the secrecy of the script she was unable to give me and details of the role.

She did say, "we are thrilled about this part...duh.. but the plot is secret so we dont even know what he will be doing, just that he is going to be bald. He is looking forward to it."

She also told me that they, Her and Cameron, will be in Toronto for the film festival in September. Cameron has to start school September 6, then cut class at the end of the week for the festival, and the premiere of , which also stars , , and among others. Cameron plays the son of Big Tabaco's chief spokesperson in the satire.

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