More X-men Cast

Dark Horizons reports that a few of the cast from X2 are returning to X3. Conner Widows (Jones) Luke Pohl (X-Kid), and Shauna Kain (Siryn) have joined the cast all reprising their respective roles in the movie. Bryce Hodgson is reprising his role as Artie, which makes sense, as Artie is best friends with Leech, who will be played by Nanaimo's Cameron Bright. The young actors are currently shooting in Victoria, at the Royal Roads University. There is curently no word weather Kea Wong will be back as Jubilee.

Bruce Davison's reps say we shouldn't expect to see Senator Kelly back. Vinnie Jones has already been in Vancouver for a costume fitting but he won't return until September to start filming his role as Juggernaut.

Leaving a few casting questions. Will we see Gambit? If there are a bunch of Morlocks in the film, who's playing Calisto? What will Magneto's role be if we are dealing with Morlocks, Dark Pheonix and Jugernaught, not to mention the rumored Sentinal story-line.

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