Recent X-casting

It has been confirmed that actor Bill Duke has joined the cast of . One source claims that Duke had been cast as the scientist who created the mutant-hunting Sentinel robots but other sources indicate that Duke actually portrays a politician in The President's cabinet.

Duke's other acting credits include , which was directed by X3's Brett Ratner. Duke has directed such films as , and way back when, he was in Victoria as an actor in .

Olivia WilliamsSome other additions to the X3 cast. In the role of Warren Worthington, Sr., father of Angel Ben Foster, is Michael Murphy, you might remember him as the mayor of Gotham City in 1992's .

Finally, British actress Olivia Williams has been cast as Dr. Moira MacTaggert. The Marvel Database reminds us that, in the comics, the Nobel Prize-winning Moira was a former lover of Professor X's who ran a mutant research center on Muir Island in her native Scotland. Williams' credits include , as Bruce Willis' wife.

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