Okay I'm back.
Not much seems to have developed on the X-men front. Other than Hollywood North obtaining a picture of Shawn Ashmore ariving at his hotel in Vancouver. The other films shooting in Victoria or on the Island haven't developed much news either.

I have been watching my web counter and taking notice of what searches people are making to get here. I've had a slew of recent searches for Erika Shaye Gair, so I will work on getting some more news about her. I do know she is working on The Wicker Man.
A few X-men and Royal Roads searches, Royal Roads is the site of Hatley Castle, that doubles as the X-Manson in X2 and X3. The other common X-men related search that has found its way to this site is X-Men Sex, how this site qualifies in that area I don't know.

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