Golden X-Men

golden gate bridge
A bloger over at the website, made an uncomfirmable cliam:

Just an update on the new X-Men movie now being produced. Sounds like quite an exciting climax. Lots of scenes on Alcatraz. The producers spent 1.8 million dollars (yes, million) to build a model of the Golden Gate Bridge. This is not your ordinary tabletop replica but a 2500-foot long, down to the last bolt, duplicate. The movie trailer and finale scenes have already been shot. I’d tell you more but don’t want to ruin the picture for anyone. I can only say, “Don’t miss it.”

Where do you put a half mile long relpica of a bridge, and keep it out of public view? and why on earth would you build a 1:3.5 scale modle? people wouldn't look right on it and neither would cars. You're far better off using green screen and a computer generation of the bridge. I don't know but this doesn't hold right for me.

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