Mile Zero-The Beginning

I met with producer Karen Davies yesterday, and we sat and talked about the Mile Zero TV series she and her husband Dai (Welsh form of David) are producing. They're both 22yr veterans of the BBC and moved to Vancouver Island just three years ago. Karen quickly noticed that there were no soap operas; in England there are about eleven soaps, each set in the shooting local. This is what they want to do with Mile Zero, a soap shot, set and about Victoria and its people.

Karen and David found 68 other people to share the dream with and managed to shoot two half-hour pilot episodes. The crew side of the lens includes people with little experience to a former wardrobe mistress of Twentieth Century Fox, in front of the camera is similar, but as a team they have a hope and passion for what they are doing.

I’ll have a list of who’s involved soon, but the few people that I met while interviewing Karen seemed to genuinely enjoy the project, and that’s a good sign.

Last minute editing is going on right now, with a completion date of October 1st set and Karen ready to take the finished tapes to KVOS for their consideration. Shaw though has committed to airing on the comunity channel 11, episode one on October 15th at 7pm and again on the 16th at 3pm. Episode two will air the next week Saturday October 22nd 7pm and repeat on the 23rd at 3pm and the audience will determine the continued fate of the series, so tell your family, friends and even enemies to watch so that Victoria can have a regular series shooting here, and hopefully that will bring more film production to the area.

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