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I'll start with Victoria related news first. I finaly found the site for Mile Zero, Victoria's very ownSoap Opera. I've gotten in contact with them and will be getting futher information to you soon.

Terminal City the Televisionmini-series shot in Victoria this time last year, begins airing on Movie Central October 17, 2005. The series then airs every monday night for a total of ten weeks. The series stars Maria del Mar, from 24 and Vancouver's Gil Bellows from Alley McBeal.

Thank You for SmokingCameron Bright




Cameron Bright
was in Toronto at the 30's Toronto International Film Festival recently for the premire of Thank You For Smoking. And Cameron will be on ETalk Daily on CTV tomorow (Friday - Sept 9, 2005) 7pm PST.

Comics Continuum talked with Ralph Winter, producer of the third X-Men movie. he said,

"We are in our sixth week now of photography, getting great footage with a script and story we feel is better than ever for the X-Men franchise."
check the link for more from the interview.

Other out of town news includes the revelation that Marvel Comics will be self financing upto ten films, with releases as eraly as 2008. Characters in these Paramount relesed films include Captain America, The Avengers, Nick Furry and Dr. Strange.

Thanks for info from Mike, Anne, Lynne and Chris

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