Slews of X-Men 3 News

Some guy named Donald Law managed to post 14 images from the set of X-Men 3 on his flicker site.
A report from Hollywood North talks about pictures and characters on the set of X-Men 3, including Beast, played by Fraser's Kelsey Grammer.
(Note: The below post was taken from the Hollywood North site.)

Ya i saw Kelsey. He was cool looking, a very dark blue and the muscle suit looked huge even from 20 feet away, which is as close as I got to him in full makeup. It was funny though, he spoke on his cell for a while in his normal voice, and that looked very strange!! I also met Bill Duke who plays the secretary of defense, the actor who plays the lead general, and the president as well. There was a girl who is playing one of Magneto's bad mutant kids - it was her first X Men film and she plays a very small part. Got a couple of pics of her and the director though.
Sorry guys I cant post them, I wasn’t even supposed to take any in the first place and when I showed them to her she asked politely for me not to make them public until they start trailers for the movie. I would post them if she was in the other films but they want to keep her look a secret. I can say she has distinct similarities to the Jubalee character from the cartoon. i looked at her auto and I think her name ends Hyre if that helps. I could be wrong though it's not very legible. As for beast, well the hair was short both on his body and head. It’s hard to describe - he was wearing business pants and a white shirt with suspenders and thin frame glasses on his face. His hands were of normal size. I don’t think he has to wear gloves, and like I said he is more of a cookie monster blue than say sky blue I guess. I saw all of this at the UBC set. I forget the Bill Duke character’s name, I think it might be just the secretary of defense? So I hope this helps sorry about the photos guys!!
and X-Men Films website has an amazing spoiler. Dispite what they say it will spoil the movie or at least tell you where some of the confrontations and battles take place. It also reveales some new cast members. Because its spoilers I ask you to check the site.

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