Mile Zero - Event II

All right, so I've talked about the fashions at the gala event, what else was there? The evening started in the main lobby of the Empress Hotel, right under the sign, and about fifty early arrivers just sat waiting for some direction, we were expecting a red carpet out to the street, but I guess the rain prevented the hotel from doing that. Karen, Dai and Paul Wu started talking to the guests and then the stars arrived in their limo. The problem for me in trying to take pictures was that after having looked at a few dozen little pictures on the website, I still wasn’t sure who was and who wasn’t in the show. I even ended up talking to a fellow that looked familiar only to discover that he wasn’t in Mile Zero but that we had met a few years ago at the Victoria Film Festival.

Once the stars had arrived the Crystal Ballroom doors were opened, and everyone slowly filtered in, with no one checking tickets. The outer room of the Crystal Ballroom was in part advertising space for the sponsors and a long line-up formed for raffle tickets. I had to leave early so I never heard who won the raffle prizes, which included a guest staring role on an upcoming episode and a silver pin as only the cast and crew recieved.
After we all watched the two episodes, chocolate treats and friut to dip in the flowing fountain de chocolate we available in the small outer room and it was impossible to get near the table for the hordes of people, we finaly got fed up and went to leave when we discovered there was another set-up in the main lobby area of the hotel. The rest of the evening was spent mingling and talking with various cast members, and general guest.

***Note*** now that I've writen this review of the party I understand why it is that so much attention is given to the fashions that are being worn to an awards show or a movie premiere, the events are all the same for the most part, the biggest difference is in what the women are wearing, and who is with who, but it all becomes so tabliod. I wonder if Victoria will ever have its own tabliod magazine?

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