Mile Zero - Event

Last night's Mile Zero premiere was a huge success. Kaven and Dai Davies put on a fabulous event. The place was packed and everyone look fabulous, I'm not Steven Cojocaru and Victoriawood doesn't have a fashion critic on staff so I'm not going to give biting criticism or a worst dressed list. The men mostly wore tuxes, although there was some variation. I saw one naval uniform and there were a few kilts including Director Paul Wu. The women were magnificent in long shiny gowns and evening gloves, but some really needed to look to the younger generation for guidance on foot wear, mind you the girl in the flower print dress with converse shoes knew it didn’t work, that’s what she was going for. The one that really caught my eye was a young girl mixing a maroon strapless gown with a spiked collar and strapped gloves, I never got close enough to see what she had for shoes or who she was, but the Formal/Goth look defiantly worked for her.
The Empress Hotel did a fabulous job of just being itself; cause really if you want swank, where better in this city than the Inner Harbour's most photographed landmark? The weather could have been better, but this is the Wet Coast.
The Crystal Ballroom was all set-up theatre style so that the four hundred guests could watch both episodes, which seemed longer than half-an-hour each. The show brought laughs and applause throughout. I think audiences will be delighted next Saturday with the first on-air showing. The plotlines interchange perfectly and are full of colourful characters and scenery. The Marriott Hotel was a hotbed of action.

I really don’t want to spoil the story that was well crafted by Silk Chauncey and her crew, for you so I’ll wait to give you a full report after the Shaw premiere on Saturday October 15th.

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