Harry Potter Review

Silver City

Two Potter Fans at Silver City
Sara Jones & Michael McGall

We arrived at the theatre to a long snaking line from Silver City, just as I saw them open the doors. We probably waited about seven minutes before getting though the doors. And I was amazed to see so few people in costume. Out of the nearly 300 seats in the theatre, maybe 15 were in Hogwarts wear. As you see to the left I managed to get a shot of a few.

Prizes by the Ocean’s Prize Pig took place just before the movie started without any trailers or commercials, and no I didn’t win.

The movie starts at the Weasley's home early in the morning as they prep for the Quidich World Cup. I have to say that the sceens for the World Cup could have taken half the movie, but insted the sceen quickly turned to the Death Eaters and the distruction they created at the camps.

Events then moved to Hogwarts and the introduction of the two-visting schools for the Tri-Wizards Tournament. The characters were a little too glossed over, if you haven't read the books. Nevel was nicely brought to the for-front character wise but the guests from the visiting schools of Beauxbaton and Durmstrang are not well developed, for that I must deduct a mark.
Cinematically the film is fantastic, the sets are better, and the CG and editing are the best they've been in the series. But his is it, this is a series and the movie depends on people having seen the rest of the films and read the books. For that I must deduct another point. I think anyone coming to this film fresh and new to the Harry Potter phenomenon would be totally lost, the movie would not stand on its own.

Any novel that is turned into a movie will have things stripped out, I accept that but the sheer size of this book should have said two films.

For what they did and what I experienced as a Harry Potter fan myself, I enjoyed it.

7.5/10 or 4/5

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