News Briefs Nov. 10

Seems there is going to be some excitement around the new film, Harry Poter and the Goblet of Fire. WB (Warner Bros.) has decided to atach the first trailers for both Superman and M. Night Shyamalan's newest movie,Lady in the Water.
As I am seeing Hary Poter this weekend, in a sneek preview. I'll have a report next week.

Hollywood North Reports has run a story about a new production deal that sees more shoots in BC. On Tuesday November 8th Vancouver-based Insight Film Studios Ltd. signed a $75 million production and distribution deal with Los Angeles' Picture Perfect Entertainment and Ted Fox Entertainment.

Insight will jointly produce and finance six pictures annually over the next three years that Picture Perfect and Ted Fox Entertainment will distribute globally. The agreement was arranged by Insight CEO Kirk Shaw, Picture Perfect principal Rich Styles and Ted Fox.

All projects will be shot in Vancouver, according to Insight senior vp creative affairs Rob Word. The budgets will be in the $2 million-$5 million range, and at least one of each year's films is expected to receive theatrical distribution.

and The slate's production begins in January with such science fiction, action and thriller genre features as Switches I, Switches II, Hybrid, WMD, Shadow Warriors, The Unknown.

The companies will develop TV series and video games from some of the projects, with a mix of theatrical and nontheatrical projects. "As the mood and whims of the public change, we'll adapt to different genres with the commercial potential of the films in mind," Word said.

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