X-Men news November Edition

X-Men 3 Beast
Just got comfimation that the X3 trailer will be attatched to King Kong in theatres on December 14. This will be followed by the release of the first official pictures of the movie, in USA Today. But before that, Fox will release Fantastic Four on DVD December 6th and the bonus material includes interviews and a look at X-Men 3, hosted by Avi Arad, Marvel's lead film Producer.

Plot lines are becoming a little more apparent with word that Kelsey Grammer's character, Beast, is pivotal. It seems that characters like Storm, Wolverine and Professor Xavier can mingle in normal society without drawing attention to their mutations, but those with physical mutations like Beast and members of the Morlocks must hide to avoid persecution. Beast’s struggle with his gifts and curse and how he reconciles the struggle seems to be the A Plot of the film. I’m sure the B Plot has to do with Magneto and his band of misfits.

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