Gothy new Underworld Pictures

Latino Review, a fantastic website, has posted some incredible new pictures from Underworld: Evolution. There are more than a few of Selene, the heroine but very little of some of the set pieces that I’ve heard about. In particular there is a coffin that comes to life during this war between Lycan (werewolves) and Death Dealers (vampires).


Kate Beckinsale as Selene
Underworld opens January 20, 2006

Most of the cast returns from the first film including Kate Beckinsale and Scott Speedman. There’s an abundance of flashbacks to expose the beginning of the war between the two monster races, and a new race is introduced to spice things up. I am sure that the film will leave room for a third movie and if as successful as the first I’m certain we’ll see it in theatres in 2008.


Bill Nighy as Victor
He's also playing Davey Jones in
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

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