VIFVF preFest

Jonny TootallSo tonight is the Victoria Independent Film and Video Festival’s (VIFVF) preFest bash. This is where they release the schedule and line-up of this year’s movies. My good friend (who doesn’t return my calls) Adam Sawatsky from A-Channel will be hosting the event. I’ll be picking up my press kit and letting you all, know the scoop.

I can let you in on a few films in the festival a little early though:

Something tells me that the theatre will be full for I am a Sex Addict by Director Caveh Zahedi. An autobiographical comedy about a man’s struggle with sex addiction? Absolutely, and it uses animated sequences, jump cut editing, jarring freeze frames, older film footage, narration and direct-to-camera testimony to make the magic happen. Accompany Zahedi through trials and tribulations with prostitutes, significant others, and Sex Addicts Anonymous.

The French Guy
From Vancouver, this slash-n-laugh tale of a recovering cancer patient who goes on a killing spree is hilarious and full of hipsters, gore, and all the colors of the rainbow. What starts off seeming like an inspirational healing journey turns into a righteous bloodbath!

And two from the Island

Zombie fans grab your chainsaws and come a runnin’! We’re going deep, deep, deep into the woods where the undead roam free and the timber ain’t the only thing that needs cutting. Set in the Vancouver Island wilderness and loaded with action, shocks, twists and double-crosses, Severed never fails to give zombie fans all the things they know and love about the genre. Zombie film with an eco twist.

Johnny Tootall
Johnny Tootall touches upon many aspects of the long-standing and current fight of Native Canadians to preserve their land and culture, while at the same time offering a realistic portrayal of a crumbling family whose relationships can only be remedied by overcoming adversity.

Don’t forget that you need a membership to see these films, as many of them are not yet rated. Check back tomrow for more details from the Victoria Independent Film and Video Festival.

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