X-Men 3 has a few new pictures

CanMag posted new images from X-Men 3 (X3), but I think they got them from Latino Review.

X-Men 3

Magneto Meets with
Professor X and his X-Men

While the director, Brett Ratner, and Producers of X-Men 3 have yet to reveal the full plot, we do know a few things about the film.
  1. Magneto beefs up the roster of The Brotherhood of Mutants with Psylock and Jugernaught.

  2. Professor Xavier adds to the X-Men Angel and Beast.

  3. Even though she died in X2, Jean Grey is back.

  4. The Morlocks are introduced.

  5. The race war between humans and Mutants is a main element of the story.

  6. Gambit is not in the film. Not this one anyways.

X-Men 3

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