Call for Letters for Commission

victoria film commissionThe Greater Victoria Film Commission is putting a call out for letters of support to your local Mayor, MLA and MP's. This is in an effort to gain support that will keep the commission in tack.

It was recently revealed that the lease is soon up on the commission’s current Government St. offices and that the film office is without a commissioner. Local businesses and various levels of Government provide funding; hence the call for letters of support.

Last year the film industry brought over $28 Million in productions to the area, a huge boost to the local economy and local workers.

If you need other numbers than those listed below, please contact Lynne Anderson,
Administrator, Greater Victoria Film Commission, Phone: 386-3976, Fax: 386-3967

GVFC Letter of Support Mailing List

City of Victoria

o Mayor Alan Lowe and Members of Council

o Mailing Address:

City of Victoria

#1 Centennial Square

Victoria, BC V8W 1P6


Mayor Alan


Charlayne Thornton­







Phone: (250) 385­5711

Fax: (250) 361­0214

City of Victoria

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