Ultraviolet is Running Scared

Cameron BrightWell, I wondered how long it would take? (see my January prediction in Attractions) Two large movies both staring the same 13 year-old kid both set to hit theatres on the same day, one of them had to give. Nanaimo's Cameron Bright started shoting Ultraviolet two years ago and Running Sacared right after that, now the two films were set for release on February 24th, but one company moved their film out of the battle.

Ultraviolet moved to March 31st, a full five weeks later. Problem is, this put the film up against Ice Age 2, Basic Instinct 2 and Vancouver made Slither where it was sure to be buried at the box-office. So anouther move, this time to March 3rd were fewer big films are there to fight it off. Only the Bruce Willis thriller 16 Blocks and some teen girl comedy called Aquamarine.

Right now HSX is putting Running Scared at H$17.35 and Ultraviolet at H$35.18 with a recent +2.25 move. Cameron's H$10.87 could move higher if these films make their box-office targets.

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