Canada's Ten Top Models

Canada's next top model top tenYes the girls in the picture to the left (click image for larger view) are your Canada's Next Top Model contestants.

Before we get into that I discovered a hair salon in Vancouver that was responsible for the girls hair in the series. The cliping below is from Fashion Canada's most read fashion magazine.

MOODS HAIR SALON 1070 Mainland St., Vancouver, 604-688-1574,
If you loved the hair on Canada's Next Top Model, you'll want to better acquaint yourself with this salon. Co-owner Tania Becker teased and tamed the models' tresses, redirecting their looks with the help of a creative team for the new program, which starts next month.

Citytv announced that the contestants stayed in a luxurious waterfront property on Vancouver Island, we know it to be in Victoria. In alphabetical order, the girls are:

Alanna, 19, Waitress from Kelowna, British Columbia.
Andrea, 19, Cashier from Whitby, Ontario.
Brandi, 21, Actoress from Vancouver, British Columbia.
Dawn, 22, Bartender from Calgary, Alberta.
Heather, 19, Factory Worker from Blenheim, Ontario.
Natalie, 21 , Internet Fraud Security officer from New Westminster, British Columbia.
Sisi, 23, Student from Richmond, British Columbia.
Sylvie, 23, Area Supervisor for Salvation Army from Sherwood Park, Alberta.
Tenika, 23, Student from Newmarket, Ontario.
Ylenia, 23, Background Performer in Film and Television from Vancouver, British Columbia.

Who has what it takes to make it in the high-stress, high-stakes world of modeling? The participants' abilities – and emotions - are tested … they must learn to master the runway, fashion photo shoots, perfect publicity skills and learn the business aspects of becoming a supermodel … all while the Canada's Next Top Model cameras are rolling.
Citytv Presents Canada’s Next Top Model is co-produced by Temple Street Productions and Victoria's The May Street Group, in association with CHUM Television.

Canada's Next Top Model premieres Wednesday at 8:00pm (7:00pm CT in Winnipeg) on Citytv beginning Wednesday, May 31st.

You'll notice that for a show that was shot in Victoria by a Toronto based production company that there are a lot of BC girls, five (50%), and two from Alberta while the big provence of Ontario is repped by only three girls.

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