The Da Vinci Code Vs Mission Imposible III

The Da Vinci Code
VSMission Impossible 3

Well up here in Canada it's the Victoria Day long weekend and the box-office race has declared a winner. Early results put Tom Hanks' The Da Vinci Code miles ahead of Tom Crusie's Mission Impossible: III. M:I:3 had explosions and action but Dan Brown's mystery, religious themes and controversy won out.
Also knocking M:I:3 to third place in its third weekend at the boxoffice was the animated animal romp Over the Hedge pulling in a cool $37.2M. Amimated films tend to have summer box office staying power, as kids want to see them over and over. So what will we see next weekend, as X-Men: The Last Stand staring a slew of celebs, including Vancouver Island's own Cameron Bright, steps up to the plate?

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