May 30, 2006

Tomorrow is Next Top Model Day

Judges of Canada's Next Top ModelCanada’s Next Top Model starts tomorrow night on CITY TV and the judges are previewed on Victoria’s A-Channel in the morning. While it hasn’t been said which judges will be on the show: the main four judges, Helfer, McKenzie, Venoit and Becker or episode one guest judges, Jay Manuel (America’s Next Top Model) and Andrew MacNaughtan (Rock photographer).

I’ll throw a few predictions out for episode one, we’ll see Tenika and Brandi portrayed as friends and my guess for the first eliminated hopeful is Ylenia. Now, I can’t wait to see where they shot the show around town. I will keep updating posts with events surrounding Canada’s Next Top Model over the coming weeks.

Could be gone? Ylenia
Images courtesy & copywrite CHUM Limited.