Trialers Now Online: Super, Pirate, Royale

Superman ReturnsA few new trailers have shown up for this summer's blockbusters. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest and Superman Returns have both posted new preview trailers online. While I grew-up as a huge comic book fan and I saw the majority of the original series of Richard Donner’s Superman films I have to say, I do not really like the look of this new Superman. It’s flashy and prettier than the seventies and eighties series but there doesn’t seem to be any more substance.
Pirates on the other hand has new villains, new situations for the heroes and what looks like exciting new adventure for Jack, Will and Elizabeth take a look at the two trailers and tell me what you think.

Other new Trailers worth taking a look at:

Casino Royale


Peaceful Warrior

Marie Antoinette

Over the Hedge

Watch and enjoy

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