Black Adder Revolution

Black Adder movieEdmond Black Adder may be headed to the silver screen. Rowan Atkinson is said to be in development with screenwriter Ben Elton for a big screen version of the greedy scoundrel that we all love, and his hereditay assistant Baldrick.

Its actualy been seventeen years since the end of Black Adder Goes Forth and only one special has been done since, in 2000.

This movie is expected to be set during the Russian Revolution of 1917 where over the course of a year the ruling royal family of Tsar Nicholas II was ultimately replaced by the Communist Bolshevik party led by Lenin that paved the way for the formation of the Soviet Union.

Stephen Fry said on Monday "I chatted to Rowan at the weekend. He's been doing a Bean movie in France and confided that he missed the joys of Blackadder rehearsals and all that. Ben wants to do a Blackadder movie set in the Russian Revolution with a Russian branch of the family. He has some brilliant ideas. Maybe it will happen".

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