Ep.1 Next Top Model review

Canada's Next Top Model debuted on Wednesday and I have to give the producers congrats for the house setting for the girls. Not only is it secluded in the Malahat area but it's also a magnificent house.

In the premiere episode, the girls arrive here in Victoria, British Columbia and receive their first Tricia-Mail from Host Tricia Helfer welcoming them all to the competition. They are then introduced to first guest judge, America's Next Top Model Creative Director Jay Manuel. Jay’s first challenge for the girls is an au naturel photo shoot where they must remove all their makeup and pose for Jay’s Polaroid camera. Some make funny faces and others don’t know how to pose, Jay isn’t impressed. The girls must then assemble an outfit in five minutes and use a winding, uneven wooden deck as a European runway. All the girls have trouble with the challenge, but Jay must pick a winner and deems Heather the best of the worst.

At their first full photo shoot, Jay meets the girls and introduces them to Photographer, Andrew MacNaughtan. The shoot's theme is Iconic Women of Rock, where the girls get their first taste at professional modeling. The shoot took place at Legends nightclub, and the alley they enter through is one of the most over shot in Victoria, especially for band promos, which is why I’ve never taken pictures there. Even though they all look fierce, Jay says Brandi is the most together first timer he's ever seen. Tenika bares all backstage and wins no points with the rest of the girls….or with Tricia, when she yells at her in front of everyone during judging.

During the first elimination ceremony, the girls meet the judges: Stacey McKenzie, model and runway coach, Paul Venoit, celebrity hair and makeup stylist and Jeanne Beker, host of FashionTelevision. Although Sylvie’s photo is brilliant, she was the best in the shoot, but the judges are unhappy with her attitude and appearance at the judging, Sylvie is eliminated.

Next Wednesday on Episode Two, the girls receive makeovers! CHUM tells me the catfights begin, as the girls gang up against “one of their own”, in an attempt to kick her out of the mansion … and the competition!

Anyone want to make a guess as to who it’ll be?

Images courtesy & copywrite CHUM Limited.

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