Episode 2 Next Top Model review

Dawn, Calgary eliminated from Canada's Next Top ModelThe second episode of Canada's Next Top Model aired last night on Citytv and only eight girls continued on in the hopes of becoming Canada's Next Top Model.

In the second episode, the girls receive makeovers by Judge Paul Venoit and Canada's Next Top Model Head Stylist Greg Wencel. The show uses a little salon on Broad St. just half a block from The Bay Centre. After all the hair is chopped, make-up applied and tears are shed, the girls look and feel more like models. Andrea and Heather transform the most, while others like Sisi and Brandi have practically no changes done to their appearance. Tenika doesn't win any fans at the makeover, being dubbed a diva by Paul and Greg. Paul says he has never worked with someone so demanding and irritating. I think we can foresee more problems to come!

The photo shoot for the week is shot in the basement-parking garage of the same building that the judging takes place in. The girls are handed bikini’s and it becomes quickly apparent who is and who isn’t comfortable with their body. The shot is tilted Fight Club and the set is designed like a boxing ring. Host Tricia Helfer gives the girls direction as they pose before before Photographer, Christopher Wadsworth. Brandi and Sisi are very confident about their shoots and themselves to the point of being cocky.

During elimination the girls are asked individually: “With the modeling experience that you’ve gained thus far, who do you think should go home?” Four of the nine models pick Sisi, but the judges think her picture is too strong. In the end the two left standing are, Brandi and Dawn. Dawn still looks like a deer in the headlights even as she stood there being evaluated by Tricia; her confidence just wasn’t there, so she was sent back to bartending in Calgary.

Next week, in the third episode, the girls learn how to walk the runway and then test it out in front of a very attentive audience.

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