Episode 3 Next Top Model review

Natile Canadas next top modelNatalie, an Internet Fraud Security Officer from New Westminster, British Columbia became the third girl eliminated on Citytv's Canada's Next Top Model, reducing the pool from eight girls to seven.

In the third episode, Judge Stacey McKenzie shows the girls how to really walk a runway….at the Mayfair Lanes bowling alley! She's unimpressed with Tenika, even though she has the most confidence and Andrea, whose walk is extremely awkward. Sisi impresses Stacey and she comments that she is closest to becoming Canada’s Next Top Model. Stacey puts the girls to work in front of a real audience, the UVic rugby team!! Low and behold, Brandi has a wardrobe malfunction in front of the rugby team, before winning the challenge.

The next day, the photo shoot involves A LOT of diamonds and an emotional storyline. Guest Judge, Hollywood Stylist Phillip Bloch directs the girls to give him a range of movement and emotion. Alanna doesn’t really know how to move, Heather can take direction but seems incapable of emoting, Natalie looks lost and even Sisi is not on her game. Tenika has great movement, but the camera can’t capture a frame that has any impact. Both Brandi and Ylenia blow Phillip away with great performances.

During the third elimination ceremony, the girls are asked to display their runway walk for the judges. All the girls do fairly well. Tenika is the most confident. In the end, Natalie is eliminated. Although Paul didn't want to see her go, the others felt she just wasn't Top Model material.

Coming up in Episode Four next Wednesday, spirit will be broken when the girls have to show some strength…and some skin.

Natile's picture courtesy CHUM Ltd.
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