Underwold 3 coming soon

Underworld 2
Underworld Producer/Director/Creator Len Wiseman was recently interviewed by iF Magazine in regards to the news that he will be directing the next Die Hard film. It was what he had to say in regards to Underworld 3 that was of interest. Len Wiseman said, “The third film is going to be a prequel. It will be the origin story and we find out things we didn’t know about Lucian; he’ll have a much bigger part in it. It will be about the creation [of the races] and what started the war. It will be a period piece. In terms of the writing, a lot of the writing has been done. We’ve been developing Underworld 3 for a while. I won’t be directing Underworld 3; I’m just going to be producing and writing.”

Will this movie involve Selene, played by Kate Beckinsale? “It will be in the time period before, but it will overlap into the creation of her as well. We’re in the process of seeing how far we go with that.”

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