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Tenika Canada's Next Top ModelSorry this review is so late, due to my job I missed the Wednesday airing on CITYTV Vancouver and had to wait for Tuesday’s airing on A-Channel Victoria.

Tenika, a student from Newmarket, Ontario became the fifth girl eliminated on Citytv's Canada's Next Top Model, reducing the pool from six girls to five.

In the fifth episode, the girls find themselves made up with muted faces and bold eyebrows for a photo shoot with a falcon. The theme is Lady of the Manor and is shot in a very strong, editorial style. Sisi uses her typical quirkiness, while Ylenia’s figure emphasizes her look as a Gothic matron. Alanna uses the judges suggestion from last week and focuses on looking straight at the camera rather than profile shots. Andrea manages to give a variety of poses without moving at all and Brandi’s overt sexuality is artfully downplayed. Tenika notices that the photographer encourages the other girls, while he's less enthusiastic with her. She shrugs this off as different approach. Back at the mansion the catfight is on, as Sisi is just a bit annoyed with Tenika for blow-drying her hair at 1:00 am. The next morning, when Sisi confronts her, Tenika blows up, yelling and swearing – going beyond her anger about the incident. Sisi is dumbfounded and tries to defend her position by saying that others were also annoyed, but no one backs her up.

The next day, the girls face media boot camp at Victoria’s A-Channel on Broad Street, with Judge, Jeanne Beker and former New York Times journalist and Guest Judge Michael Gross. He tears through the girls one by one, giving his most honest opinions. He and Jeanne both think Tenika just wants to be famous. Michael thinks Sisi has "already been around the block" and Andrea just wants to get back at the kids that made fun of her in high school. Brandi lies to them saying everything is fine in the house, but Michael loves Ylenia and thinks she will be a superstar. In the end, Sisi wins Jeanne's portion of the challenge and Ylenia wins Michael's.

During the fifth elimination ceremony, the judging test is a follow up interview with Michael Gross, this time with tougher questions. Tenika breaks under the pressure, admitting she doesn't know much about modelling but she is trying to learn. Unfortunately, the judges think it's too late and Tenika is eliminated. Her photos are not improving and her personality doesn't sit well with any of the judges.

Coming up in Episode Six next Wednesday, the truth of the camera is exposed, as the truest beauty is revealed.
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