Meat Market 3 Awards

Brian Clement, Director of Meat Market 3 has put out a call for votes in Victoria's Monday Magazine for their M Awards. I'll let Brian's own words fill you in.

Hey all! This week's Monday magazine features a BALLOT for the M-Awards. Make sure to pick one up as ballots are usually only available for one or two issues before they all have to be submitted. Please vote for Meat Market 3 in every applicable category. Meat Market 3 is listed in the "short run film" category and Brian Clement (director) is listed in "favourite local filmmaker" category. Please vote for Bronwyn Lee (she played Erika) as favourite local actor (there is no actor/actress category split) by writing her in under "other" after the people who are already listed. (Don't vote for "Brian Clement" under director in the stage play category, that's just confusing!)

DO NOT stuff ballots (i.e. submit identical multiple ballots, or make up fake identities to submit more) as this will mean your ballot(s) will be destroyed before counting. Last year The Dead Inside was robbed by some crummy stage play so PLEASE vote, get your friends to vote, get their friends to vote, and get their friends' dogs and those dogs' puppies to vote. Ballots need to be taken to the Monday magazine office on Broughton, or email or faxed, BEFORE January 26!!

Don't forget!!! Help put this movie on top where it belongs! (The DVD will blow your minds! The masters have been approved by the distributor so it will be out some time this year!)


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