Canadian Comic gets Movie

A Montreal company has picked up the rights to the Comic-book series, created by writer Mark Shainblum, Northguard. Movie Seals Productions plans to begin production this June and describe the project in the following.

The multinational Progressive Allied Canadian Technologies (PACT) has developed a revolutionary cybernetic personal-weapons system called the Uniband, which gives an individual the firepower of an army battalion. The Uniband is to be operated by an agent named Karl Manning, but Manning is killed in an airplane explosion engineered by an ominous right-wing evangelical organization. PACT finds a close match to Manning in a young man named Phillip Wise. Wise is taken to PACT headquarters and told about the Uniband and an imminent threats to the Canadian nation. Wise, a comic book fan (and aware of the Canadian national superhero tradition), decides to work with PACT, but only on the condition that he can operate the Uniband as a superhero Northguard. PACT's leadership is divided on Wise's request but finally relents, and Northguard is born.

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