True Blood TV series

HBO announced that they have greenlit a new series from Six Feet Under creator Alan Ball, called True Blood. The series is based a novels about vampires in Louisiana by Charlaine Harris, known as the Sookie Stackhouse series. The title comes from the brand of synthetic blood that the vampires can drink, thus getting around the need for human blood.

Ball talked to BBC and said "Having shed one of their more antisocial habits, the vampires decide to make their presence known, hire PR firms, and sort of ... come out of the coffin. A lot of churches are horribly against them, but they are very wealthy, and contribute a lot of money to Republican politicians so that they can legitimize their holdings."
"Vampires are a great metaphor for minority groups that struggle for rights and recognition, but also for Republicans, in that they’re vicious and bloodthirsty and will destroy anything that gets in their way."

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