Review: 300

300,A god king must die
300 got an amazing opening weekend. The industry was predicting $35-$40Million, but was shocked when it scored just a little over $70Million, the largest March opening and third largest R-rated film, behind The Matrix Reloaded $91.7Million in May 2003 and The Passion of the Christ $83.8Million in February 2004.

I got a chance to see it with my workmates over the weekend and have to say it was an incredibly well made film. The Frank Miller created film is sharp in image and filled with underexaggerated action. Yes the film has a lot of killing, but it could have been made a lot messier and there is nudity and sex but they are not explicit.

The story tells of the 480 B.C. Battle of Thermopylae where King Leonidas, of Sparta, faced forces of 100,000 with a mere 300 of his best soldiers by his side.

I give it 4star

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