Filming Christmas

From the Edmonton Sun newspaper:
West Edmonton Mall remains full of the holiday spirit with trees and festive decorations sprinkled throughout as the cast of Christmas in Wonderland kicks into high gear. The holiday flick starring Ray Liotta, Leslie Nielsen and Chris Kattan began filming on location earlier this week.

The movie is about a family lacking in Christmas spirit because they moved away from their American home to Edmonton just days before Christmas.

The younger stars of the film arrived in Edmonton Friday and say they can't get enough of the mall, including Galaxyland and the water park.

"The little girls are so much fun," said Mackenzie Porter, sister of Canadian Idol's Kalan Porter. She plays the role of Shane, the blond bombshell and the love interest of Cameron Bright, who plays Danny. Amy and Zoe Schlagel are two young twins keeping the cast's spirits high. The seven-year-old girls both play the part of Mary, the youngest sister in the family. "I am the most goodest girl in the family," Zoe said about her role of Mary.

In reality, Zoe said she and her sister are both good and bad with a penchant for playing tricks on people. They've been taking belongings from their castmates and hiding them to get a good giggle. Besides being an actor, Zoe says she wants to be an artist, police chief, singer or scientist.
Santa Claus has not made an appearance for the filming yet, but Zoe says she's sure the director will let her know when the big day is approaching. Christmas in Wonderland is due out later this year.

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