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Green ArrowDavid Goyer has spoken up about Super Max at his , "Is it real? The answer is "YES", " he goes on to say "it's a real project. It's just in the early stages of development, but amongst the tidal wave of super-hero movies hitting the screen, this more classically post-modern take could be pretty damn fun."

Where did the idea come from? "The basic concept actually came about through , a terrific young writer my wife Jessika (a producer) had previously worked with. They thought the idea of a prison-break story set in a jail designed exclusively for super-villains was a cool one. And I heartily agreed. After some discussion, we decided it would be fun to frame a super-hero and toss him into the meta-human mix."

So what super-hero should you frame? "From that point, it seemed like the next logical step was to set the film in either the or . That way, we could populate the movie with all sorts of cool B and C-character Easter Eggs. We eventually landed at DC. , given his hard-hitting, moralistic tendencies, seemed like the most interesting hero to put through the institutional wringer."

Let us know in the comments who you think should play Green Arrow.

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