Symbols for site

Thanks to Bad-Blood, a Deviant-art contributer, I have a few new symbols here on Victoriawood.

I started off this project wanting to easily wanting to give films, like the recent 300, star ratings. so now when I type "3 star" without the space I get 3star, there is even a zero star rating, but we'll hold off on that.

We do have the universal symbol for deviantart and of course smilies like :) and jaw-drop not to mention :( These should work in comments so you can comment and give your rating or smlie ;)
Type ThisTo Get This
1 star 1star
2 star 2star
3 star 3star
4 star 4star
5 star 5star
; ) ;)
; p ;p
: ( :(
o m g omg
B ) B)
: ) :)

Will add more as time goes. please make a comment and see if these work their too.

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