Heroes Wrap up

Tim Kring's Live blog at NBC has some wrap-up words from himself and Hayden Panettiere.Will anyone from the show be at Comic-Con? Tin said, "Yes. Everybody we can bring will come that day." to which Hayden asked, "How will we get there? The hot bus with no air conditioning from last year?" Tim replied, "The train I took is really the way to go."
Hayden, "You mean everyone was stuck on a bus and you took the train?"

"In all seriousness, the thing about Comic-Con is that it was very instrumental in launching the show, so this year is a big thank you to them when we come back. We'll have a big event with lots of things to hand out. " said Tim.

Tim also let slip that Chapter 2 will not fill the hole season, we will see Chapter 3 somewhere around mid season. I predict the return from the x-mas break.

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