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Director David Dobkin has signed on to helm The Flash and has acknowledged his adaptation won't be the character's first appearance in theaters, with the Flash a major part of George Miller's Justice League movie.

Dobkin confirmed that his movie will be set in the same universe as Justice League as a direct spin-off, meaning whoever they cast for Justice League will likely reprise the role.

In the DC Universe there have been many incarnations of the Flash, and this film and therefor the Justice League film will feature Wally West.

Greg Berlanti, the creator of Everwood, has signed to co-write and direct an adaptation of DC Comics' Green Lantern.

The movie will focus on the Hal Jordan incarnation of Green Lantern, a test pilot who finds a downed alien spacecraft. A dying alien passes his ring to Jordan, introducing the man to a wider world that includes an interstellar police force known as the Green Lantern Corps and its overseers, the Guardians of the Universe, who live on the planet Oa.

Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green are writing the script which will serve as an origin story of how Jordan becomes a member of the intergalactic police force.

The project has been developing for over a year, so whether it will be linked to the upcoming Justice League movie - in which Green Lantern is a character - is unclear.

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