Kei-Kon 6 Report

Kei-Kon 6 aka KeiKon 2008, was this weekend, at Uvic. I attended for the first time, not because I didn't want to in the past, but because I let others go before me. I have constantly had staff that wanted to attend and I let them go. This year I told three staff, I was going, I let them have a day at the con and I went and took pictures of some amazing costumes and talented fans of great works of Japanese visual fiction.

I didn't sit in on any panels, there was only one that caught my attension, set at 8:30 pm. I didn't watch any videos in the video rooms, I can do that at home. I did check out the dealers room with it's hugh line-up, and it was good to see some friends and old staff their. I attended to take pictures of the Cosplayers.

My photography of late has become about people, and Cosplayers are unique people. Like their SCA and Sci-Fi cousins, they share a love for recreation of costumes. But many of their clothes did not originate on a human being, as there media of choice is manga and anime, japanese animated shows. In animation, clothes and props can do thing that would never happen in real life, so creating the same thing in costume can be challenging.

My hat is off to these masters off dissing . While the large cons have more to do and provide oomph and wow factors, I suggest supporting the small local cons and their friendly atmosphere. Or if you live in a big city, maybe next year you should just come on over to Victoria and enjoy our city and our growing con.

More images can be seen at my Deviantart and accounts, and soon my photography site. My next post will provide links to photos and videos by others that attended KeiKon 6 February 22 - 24, 2008.

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