Lost Boys reshots

Corey Haim was in, he was out, now he's reporting for vampire slaying duty in The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe.

Reports from Corey Feldman's blog recently, were that they were heading back for pick-ups on the direct-to-DVD film, and now we know why: All of the scenes excised from the script involving the Sam Emerson character are being re-introduced to the film.

Director P.J. Pesce is heading back behind the camera to lens the previously penned sequences (pre-strike, naturally) with Corey Haim playing Emerson. Feldman, as mentioned, will be involved and shooting is expected to in Vancouver soon.

We're told this will not affect Warner Premiere's DVD release of Lost Boys 2 and a July debut is still in the cards, with a DC Comics tie-in mini-series to fill in the gap between the first film and second. There are already talks of a third film being prepped.

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