Another format has bit the dust, HD-DVD the High-Def format from Toshiba has been pulled by the manufacturer. HD-DVD was developed to offer consumers access at an affordable price to high-quality, high definition content and prepare them for the digital convergence of tomorrow.

So thinking of going out and buying a Blu-ray player right now? I wouldn't bee to fast. If you've already bought a stand-alone Blu-ray player other than a Playstation 3 then you'll be stuck with the HD-DVD people - ie. likely to throw out your player in the near future.

Only players capable of playing Blu-ray's 2.0 profile (aka. BD-Live) are truly future proof. At present, the only player capable of doing that is the PS3, though Panasonic and Sony are expected to release players soon that use the standard. We're also still a good year or so off from the holy grail - a region free Blu-ray and DVD player that can play either format disc from anywhere in the world.

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